Introducing the PC R.E.D. from Altapure.

Altapure PC Red ™ Advanced Technology

The PC Red ™, is an advanced ultrasonic product capable of delivering a dense cloud of sub-micron fog droplets (0.69 micron avg.)
for the high-level disinfection of large spaces such as those found in hospitals, burn units, clean rooms, and animal facilities.

How Does It Work?

The dense sub-micron aerosol delivers gas-like performance that offers three-dimensional (3-D) coverage and treatment in large areas, multiple connected spaces, complex geometries, long horizontal and vertical runs, and the various surfaces within these spaces, including any equipment or objects located therein.

The result is a complete coverage and treatment of all exposed surfaces within the treated space(s). Independent, third-party research confirms that the PC Red and PAA will achieve a 100% kill of C. difficile and other pathogens such as bacteria, spores, fungus such as C. auris, and viruses, reducing the risk of infections to both patients and hospital staff.

The PC-Red™ Key Features and Overview:

  • Room fill rate = 100 ft^3 per minute
  • 6 Log + kill of bacteria, fungus, and viruses
  • Complete Coverage Accuracy (no human interaction)
  • Single compact unit (aerosol generator)
  • "Extremely thin film” deposition with sub-micron aerosol
  • Gas-Like Interaction / 3-D Contact With Complex Surface Geometries
  • Residue free process
  • Wireless tablet control and data reporting to PC
  • Compact and lightweight

Independent Studies Show:
Rapid, Complete Kill

Altapure’s process delivers a complete kill of viruses, bacteria, and bacterial spores, in less than 10 minutes of exposure. Treated surfaces have been clinically proven to show “no growth” for bacterial spores, vegetative bacteria, and viruses. An independent laboratory has established that the Altapure process has a D-Value of 2.3 – 2.6 minutes (meaning a 90% kill within only 2.3 to 2.6 minutes of treatment) for Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores. Killing G. stearothermophilus indicates a similar kill for Clostridium difficile.


Ease of Use

The PC-Red ™ is a fully automated “one touch deploy ™” technology that is contained in a reinforced case for hard use, and is easily moved and setup by only one (1) individual.

The PC-Red ™ system operates with a compact tablet for remote control and system status reporting.

These advanced features guarantee a fully validated, safe, and efficacious process.

Disinfection Agent

The preferred sub-micron aerosolized agent is an EPA-approved PAA agent which is a powerful broad spectrum disinfectant consisting of only 1.06% of active ingredients when mixed (0.88% hydrogen peroxide, and 0.18% acetic acid), and 98.58% ultra-pure water (Total Inert Ingredients: 98.94% – see product label). The agent should be manufactured from only pharmaceutical quality ingredients.


When used according to directions, the results will be 6 Log + kill of spores, vegetative bacteria, and viruses, on surfaces within the enclosed space.

Experiments demonstrating the efficacy of Altapure's aerosol against the most resistant biologic organisms were confirmed by researchers Dr. Curtis Donskey, MD (Case Western Reserve University, School Of Medicine), Dr. Dennis Maki, MD (University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine), Dr. William Rutala, Ph.D. (University of NC, Epidemiology), Raven Biological Laboratories of Omaha, NE, (now Mesa Laboratories, Inc. - an independent, internationally recognized reference laboratory), and numerous hospitals in the United States. Virus efficacy data was also collected and reported by Biological Consulting Services, Inc.

For more information about Altapure's efficacy, please visit our "Test Results & Efficacy" section by clicking here.

Market Applications

The PC-Red ™ may be utilized in many different applications including, but not limited to, the high level disinfection of surfaces and equipment in, laboratories, research centers, medical device industry, food processing industry, food storage areas, civil defense, military and government, prisons, law enforcement, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and veterinary clinics. The PC-Red ™ can also be used to assist with fungus and mold removal and treatment, and surface disinfection, especially after floods, hurricanes, or other water damage.

Technology Genesis

Altapure has worked jointly with Harris Corporation, a top-tier global aerospace, defense, and information solutions company, to develop the patented ultrasonic subsystem of the PC-Red ™. This new technology represents cutting edge “next generation” technology for aerosol generation and delivery. This piezoelectric ceramic-based ultrasonic technology has a naval & defense lineage that provides high power, durability, dependable quality, and cutting edge performance.

For more information about Altapure and its process, please visit our Technology section.

PC Red ™ Features

  • Room fill rate = 100 ft^3 per minute.

  • Reinforced housing contains: Aerosol generator.

  • High capacity & dense aerosol output.

  • “Extremely thin film” deposition with sub-micron droplet performance.

  • Small and compact.

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.

  • Wireless control and monitoring via tablet.

  • Easy to operate - one touch fully-automatic control.

  • Multi-Language control and support (English / Espanol).

  • Wireless data reporting to PC (download cycle reports).

  • Sub-micron aerosol droplets, the smallest & most efficacious in the industry.

  • Automatic electronic programmable concentrate / water internal mixing system.

  • Designed to comply with common electrical standards.

  • Disinfection of Coronavirus, such as SARS-CoV-2 as shown by Dr. C. Donskey and Dr. S. Raju.

  • 6+ Log Kill: C. difficile spores, VRE, CRE, MRSA, and viruses

  • High-level disinfection of C. auris as shown by Dr. C. Donskey.

  • Closed-loop aerosol control, with no guessing for deploy / dwell / reprocessing times.

  • Simple setup and operation means quick room treatment turnaround times.

  • Programmable for special agents and disinfection applications.

  • Powered from a single common electrical outlet.

  • Treats up to 2,000 cubic feet with one machine (expansion kit available).

  • Avg. Particle size = 0.69 µm.

  • Size: L = 23.5”(59.7 cm), W = 25”(63.5 cm),  H = 21.5”(54.6 cm).

  • Weight: 90 lbs (with cover).

  • Ruggedized construction using all food grade polymer and food compliant materials such as 316-L stainless steel.

  • Automated Vent Cover capable.

  • 100 – 120VAC/20A 50/60Hz, all global standard input options are available.

  • One year parts and labor warranty.

* Includes:  Two (2) Automatic Vent Covers, one (1) Manual Vent Cover, and one (1) Control Tablet.

** The PC Red ™ shall be used as an adjunct to regular cleaning / disinfection procedures for hard room surfaces. All federal labeling, directions for use, and manufacturer's recommended protocol, must be followed to achieve best results.

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