Altapure PC-1 Unit

Introducing the PC-1 ™ Compact Portable High Level Disinfection System from Altapure.

(Available late 4th Quarter 2020)

PC-1 ™ - Same Advanced Sub-Micron Aerosol Technology As The AP-4 ™.

The PC-1 ™, is a smaller and more compact version of the AP-4 ™, and is an advanced ultrasonic product capable of delivering a dense cloud of sub-micron fog droplets (0.69 micron avg.)

for the high-level disinfection of smaller spaces such as: Ambulances, First Responder Vehicles, Small Lab Areas, Home Use, School Buses, Trains, Dental Offices, Small Patient Rooms, Small Clinic Spaces, and more.

Key Features & Overview

The PC-1 ™ is a smaller version of the AP-4 ™, and offers:

  • Aerosolization of many different EPA-approved disinfectants
  • Very dry sub-micron aerosol fog (0.69 µm average)
  • Total gas-like 3-D space coverage.
  • Super Compact Size.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Remotely located Air Processor System (accessory).
  • Advantage of liquid to surface contact vs. vapor & gas systems.

Remote Operation

The PC-1 ™ will be a remotely operated using a small and lightweight, hand held "Control Tablet" that is touch screen activated. It communicates via wireless means with one or more PC-1 ™ machines and ancillary devices. The wireless Control Tablet is approved for use in all medical, industrial, and scientific environments.

The Control Tablet displays system status including all fluid levels, and has thermal paper printer capability for cycle validation. The Control Tablet can also wirelessly connect to a PC, for data and report downloads. If lost or damaged, the Control Tablet is easy and economical to replace.

Remote operation allows the PC-1 ™ to be operated and monitored from outside of the treated space, eliminating the interaction between your staff and the high-level disinfection process.

Remote Control

PC-1 ™ Features

  • Very small and compact.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Optional external liquid reserve fill tanks.
  • Rapid treatment & process time.
  • Remotely located Air Processor & Filtration System (accessory).
  • Multi-Language control and support (English / Espanol).
  • Wireless data reporting to PC (download cycle reports).
  • Thermal paper printouts for cycle validation.
  • Automatic electronic programmable concentrate / water internal mixing system.
  • Closed-loop aerosol control, with no guessing for deploy / dwell / reprocessing times.
  • Simple setup and operation means quick room treatment turnaround times.
  • Programmable for special agents and disinfection applications.
  • Powered from a single common electrical outlet.
  • Extremely thin film deposition with sub-micron droplet performance.
  • Wireless control and monitoring via tablet.
  • Easy to operate - one touch fully-automatic control.
  • Sub-micron aerosol droplets: the smallest, driest, & most efficacious in the industry.
  • Aerosol fog particle size (0.69 µm average).
  • Ruggedized construction and food compliant wetted materials such as 316-L stainless steel.
  • 100 – 120VAC/20A 50/60Hz, all global standard input options are available.
  • Designed to comply with common electrical standards.
  • One year parts and labor warranty.
  • Able to aerosol a variety of EPA-approved disinfectants

** The PC-1 ™ shall be used as an adjunct to regular cleaning / disinfection procedures for hard room surfaces. All federal labeling, directions for use, and manufacturer's recommended protocol, must be followed to achieve best results.

For a free demonstration,

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