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Why UV Room Disinfection Fails






Surface Angle

Caution: UV light diminishes with increased distance,
and fails to meet EPA standards for disinfection!

The C-diff Crisis

UV light does not disinfect, sterilize, or decontaminate rooms, per the United States EPA standards.

  • UV light does not meet United States EPA standards as a sporicide, and therefore cannot make spore kill claims on surfaces, per the EPA.
  • UV light does not meet United States EPA standards as a fungicide, and cannot make fungal kill claims on surfaces, per the EPA.
  • UV light does not disinfect, sterilize, or render N95 masks safe, as proven by peer reviewed research and should not be used for this purpose.
  • Distance - Microbial reduction decreases as the distance from the light source increases.
  • Angle - The angle of the surface presented to the light reduces outcome.
  • Shadowing - Non-line of site from UV light source by objects reduces outcome.
  • Location of the light bulbs impacts outcome.
  • Unable to achieve “no growth” for C. difficile spore kill throughout room.
  • Exposure Time impacts outcome.
  • Room surfaces absorb UV light energy (efficacy via surface reflections is deceptive).
  • Will damage eye tissue if accidentally exposed.
  • Air movement patterns can impact performance. [2]
  • Replacement bulbs can be very expensive.
  • Bulb performance can be degraded by surface contamination like lint, dust, etc.
  • Light damage / Photo oxidation of room materials by UV light.
  • Accuracy and Reproducibility is not guaranteed as a human (not perfect) must move the machine around in the room.
  • Unable to efficaciously treat connected areas like bathrooms at the same time with a single device.
  • Age of the UV light bulb can impact outcome.

(2) Rutala, et al., Room Decontamination with UV Radiation. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, Vol. 31, No. 10 (October 2010), pg. 1027.

UV Light Damaged Rope

Caution: UV light can degrade materials especially plastics and rubber, over time through photo oxidation!

Caution: UV light is blocked by objects and shadowed surfaces are not treated!