The use of Altapure’s system for terminal cleaning / infection control is quick, easy, and requires one (1) employee for it’s use.

Process Steps:

The following three (3) simple steps are all that is required to process the room as follows:

1. Position the following equipment in the targeted room:

a. AP-4 ™
b. Automatic Vent Cover(s) ™
c. Biological Validation Spore Strips

2. Leave the room with the remote control.

3. Activate the Altapure System – Altapure’s system is completely automated. The following activities will automatically take place and their status will be shown on the remote control:

a. Aerosol deployment (for a given room volume)
b. Dwell time (before dehumidification & vapor filtering)
c. Room air dehumidification & vapor filtering (for a given room volume)
d. Vent cover opening (if desired)

4. Enter room – After the remote control verifies that the treatment cycle is complete and the system is off, and the dehumidifier and air filter functions have successfully run. The room is ready to enter, the operator may immediately enter the room and pack up the equipment for the next room treatment.

* Important Note:  The treated room is available for immediate use and/or patient occupation.

** Total Time (Typical Patient Room) = Less than forty-five (45) minutes (Entry to Exit)

* The use of the Scrubber Buddy will reduce the air processing time.

* Note: Room reentry time is dependent on: (a) size of room, and (b) number of machines that are in operation. The use of only one (1) AP-4 ™ is typical.