Research Articles by Dr. Curtis J. Donskey, MD:  [ 2016 SHEA Research Poster ]     [ 2016 AJIC Article ]

Technology Background


Altapure’s initial goal was simple, to develop a synergistic system of interrelated technologies that when assembled, would create an advanced large area high-level surface disinfection system, for the health care, pharmaceutical, and food, industries,  that is:

1. Safe process and easy for one person to use.

2. Industry leader in terms of efficacy (measured in D-Value & Spore Log Reduction).

3. Fastest process time in market (entry to exit) with a consistent total kill, for viruses, bacteria, and spores.

4. Environmentally friendly & Biodegradable agent.

5. Able to create a “sub-micron” range aerosol (gas-like performance).

6. Deposits only a very thin agent film on surfaces.

7. Gentle on treated materials and equipment.

8. Cost effective.

9. Completely Automated / Robotic control – start to finish.

10. Extremely quiet for patient areas.

11. Easily operated by one (1) employee.

Altapure’s patented technology produces a dense cloud of ultra small / sub-micron aerosolized droplets along with an active and constantly replenished vapor phase. The technology combines with the ability to achieve quick kill times within a window of less than forty-five (45) minutes start to finish (common patient room), while leaving no residue, and with only oxygen, water vapor, and vinegar vapor, as the end products. This is achieved by using the cold sterilant Altacare ® which neither OSHA, EPA, nor ANSI standards limit its use.

The Altacare ® PAA chemistry is completely biodegradable and is EPA registered.