Altapure’s initial goal was simple, to develop a synergistic system of interrelated technologies that when assembled, would create an advanced large area high-level surface disinfection system, for the health care, pharmaceutical, and food, industries,  that is:

1. Safe process and easy for one person to use.

2. Industry leader in terms of efficacy (measured in D-Value & Spore Log Reduction).

3. Fastest process time in market (entry to exit) with a consistent total kill, for viruses, bacteria, and spores.

4. Environmentally friendly & Biodegradable, when using a PAA agent.

5. Able to create a “sub-micron” range aerosol (gas-like performance).

6. Deposits only a very thin agent film on surfaces.

7. Gentle on treated materials and equipment.

8. Cost effective.

9. Completely Automated / Robotic control – start to finish.

10. Extremely quiet for patient areas.

11. Easily operated by one (1) employee.

Altapure’s patented technology produces a dense cloud of ultra small / sub-micron aerosolized droplets along with an active and constantly replenished vapor phase. The technology combines with the ability to achieve quick kill times within a window of less than forty-five (45) minutes start to finish (common patient room), while leaving no residue, and with only oxygen, water vapor, and vinegar vapor, as the end products.