Xenex UV Light Fails Hospital Spore Test

Date: 03/30/20
Status: For immediate public release


(Mequon, WI) On December 23, 2019 both the Altapure AP-4 High Level Disinfection System and the Xenex UV Light Robot were matched in a head to head competition to determine which technology could achieve a total or complete kill of G. stearothermophilus, the most difficult organism to kill.

Because of its difficulty to be eliminated, it is the organism of choice to verify the effectiveness of no touch products to kill pathogens found in the medical environment. It is accepted that if a no touch technology product can kill this challenge at Log 6, it will be able to eliminate Coronaviruses, CRE, VRE, C. auris, MRSA, C. difficile and others.

The facility’s microbiology department placed test strips of G. stearothermophilus in the same locations in two identical patient treatment spaces. Each technology was required to be operated in accordance with the manufacture’s operating procedure. The challenge organisms were placed on the sink faucet handle, patient bed rails and lift crane, in the bathroom sink and floor. Following the operation of each product, the challenges were harvested and placed in a growth medium to determine if a total kill was achieved for each location.

The results were stunning and confirmed what has been shown in other published studies, that UV light, and especially this Xenex product, are incapable of obtaining a total or complete elimination of all organisms, on all surfaces in a treated space. As shown in multiple published studies, the Altapure ultrasonic technology using an agent with a low concentration of PAA (1.06%) achieved a 100% kill of all placed challenges. PAA, a widely used chemistry, is a violent killer of pathogenic bio burden, breaks down naturally to harmless end products, while not leaving a residue. Now that the “end of the antibiotic era” is present, purchasers of no-touch room treatment technologies should only purchase products that can consistently deliver a 100% kill of all pathogens, including pathogenic spores and fungus, on all surfaces in a treated space.